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Zee Williams


Height: 5’7″

Weight: 285 lbs

Hometown: Cullman, Alabama

Finisher: Final Nail (Spine Buster)

If the name “The Monster” wasn’t imposing enough, just take a look at the man. Whether it is the war paint, the armor, or just the sheer size of the man, Zee Williams is an imposing figure. Zee caught the eye of Prince Facade upon his arrival to the OSWA. He was recruited to be the Royal Bodyguard. His first task was to take out the Ultimate Champion Jake Hughes. The Prince wasn’t keeping him around for his company, and soon “The Monster” was the new Ultimate Champion. In a strange and wonderful turn of events, Taco Grande beat Zee Williams in a title match to become the new OSWA Ultimate Champion. Recently though, the tides have turned from “The Monster” being the bully to some strange “Vengeance” videos plaguing him at every turn, and as an end result he lost his title to Chad Silva.

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