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Height: 5’11”

Weight: 199 lbs

Hometown: Land of the Rising Sun

Finisher: The Snail Lock (Innovated Grapevine Deathlock)

Marbles! Honor! Champion! What else is needed to make a man? Wasabi was the very first person to win a match in the OSWA and from that first victory, he has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down.  Wasabi has been studying the English language in addition to intensely training. Wasabi might possibly have an endless bag of tricks when he comes to the ring. He merges different styles so effortlessly from his patented Snail Lock to him summoning the Four Winds to take his opponent to the mat. Don’t be afraid to ask for a picture with Wasabi. Despite his serious demeanor, the “Beast from the Far East” always has time for his fans.

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