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Jimmy Lee


Height: 5’8″

Weight: 170 lbs

Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

Finisher: Love & War

Jimmy Lee made a name for himself in the OSWA almost instantaneously. Sadly for Jimmy Lee, that name was Cry Baby. The name came from Jimmy throwing a temper-tantrum at every O-Sho. He established himself as a completely grown-up competitor when he returned from his untimely “retirement” at the following O-Sho and captured the 24-7 Title several times that evening. Since then, Jimmy Lee has teamed up with Cody Fairview and captured the Tag Team championship. However, Fairview left due to injury and Lee captured the Generations Championship. Upon the return of his former partner, Lee and Fairview reformed White Trash. Yet this time they included a vicious side that shows no mercy on their competitors. 

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