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Mystic Storm


Height: 5’6

Weight: 190 lbs

Hometown: From the farthest regions of the galaxy near Orion’s Belt

Finisher: Eye of the Storm (High Crossbody) & Super Nova (Superkick)

Mystic Storm once served in the US Marine Corps, and not long after his time in service ended, he mysteriously disappeared. Some time went by after his disappearance until finally he returned as a member of the Galactic Marine Force known as Shield of Orion. Mystic Storm jumped at the chance to travel the stars and ward off all the evil hiding in the far regions of the galaxy. One day, Mystic received a distress beacon from the OSWA. Upon arriving, he found out that the OSWA was under siege by some of the most diabolical evil the universe contained. He has since then vowed to free the OSWA from all it’s evil-doers. Now this masked superhero has made his way into the hearts and minds of all the O-Fans and continues to kick butt every other weekend in the O-rena!

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