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Mr. Hollywood


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185 lbs

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Finisher: Red Carpet (Sit-out Underhook Slam)

Signatures: Walk of Fame (Fireman’s Carry Slam/ Elbow combo)

He is the star of “Zombie Luchadors 7”. He wowed you with his heart-wrenching performance in “Ring of Fire 6: The Last Burrito“. The question that many OSWA fans ask is, “What can Mr. Hollywood NOT do?” and it is a very valid question. Mr. Hollywood has purchased the entire OSWA security staff, paid a fellow wrestler to be his stuntman in order to avoid their match-up, and even bought the right to slam his opponent. The mastermind behind The Show can be seen with his personal bodyguard, Security Shane, faithfully in tow. Mr. Hollywood went bankrupt and turned from his selfish ways and became “Hardworking Hollywood” for a time. But he capitalized on the Vegas Odds in the Sole Survivor Match and won his fortune back. The Moviestar of Superstars made his money and earned the Corporate Title in one night. Maybe they’ll make a movie of that one day.

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