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Kit Bryson

Kit Bryson

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 155 lbs

Hometown: Albany, NY

Finisher: Greased Lightning (Rope-Run Tornado DDT)

Signatures: Skyliner Special (Triangle Choke), Missile Dropkick, Double Underhook Suplex 

For many people, the situation you’re born into places a great deal of pressure on how the rest of your life turns out. Such is not the case for OSWA newcomer Kit Bryson. Born in the dirty streets of Albany, New York, Kit learned how to live off next to nothing for his entire young life. When Kit happened along the OSWA and showed up for us, he appeared to be nothing more than a young, vibrant kid in search of making his name known. However, Kit has come into contact with OSWA veteran Rod P. Boldt II and seems to have lost his way.  Gone now are the dirty jackets and messy hair, Kit has donned fancy clothes and a bad attitude that he got from his new mentor. Though he is new to the OSWA and the sport of professional wrestling in general, Kit has absolutely made his name known as one of the most talented newcomers of the day.

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