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Johnnie Walker


Height: 6’4″

Weight: 265 lbs

Hometown: The Highland Country, Scotland

Finisher: Haggis Hanger (Fireman’s Carry Stunner)

Signatures: Big Boot, High Road Low Road (Running dropkick to seated opponent)

When it comes to tenacity, heart, savvy, and cunning, few people are in the same realm as Johnnie Walker. The Highlander Johnnie Walker has been wrestling for 20 years and his prowess is exemplified in the ring. Johnnie Walker has decades of experience and an endless supply of tricks up his sleeve to hang with the younger generation in the O. What does the resident Scotsman attribute his success to? Heart. While he may be down, the Scotsman in his soul will never allow him to give in. That attitude has made Johnnie Walker one of the most successful wrestlers in Georgia for two decades. He passes that courage and will on every time he steps into the ring at the O-rena.

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