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Commissioner log #12116

Good evening to you all! The past 4 weeks have been nothing short of busy since stepping into the role of OSWA Commissioner. First the firing of the Ultimate Champion, Curtis Coleman, which was prevented due to his contract. We then moved on to the Jason Speed memorial awards show. Here again, Curtis Coleman posed problems when he unrightfully took the 2016 Wrestler of the Year award, won by a much deserving Marcus Adams, away. Curtis continues to be a problem, but I have some major plans involving him in the future, so stay tuned to see how well he fares.Moving on to the events that happened on November 5, 2016, Wasabi cashed in his Golden Ticket….not only for the Corporate Title but for the Generations Title as well, pinning both Ken O’Sullivan and Michael Manson. So, under deep consideration, I, as commissioner have decided to grant Michael Manson and Ken O’Sullivan their rematches with Wasabi on December 3rd, 2016. This will be a Triple Threat match with 2 pin falls, 1st pin will take the Generations Title and the 2nd pin will be for the Corporate Title. Could we see one champion walk away with both of the belts, again?

Don’t miss our show December 3rd, 2016. Doors open at 6, Show starts at 7. Look forward to seeing you all there!


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