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Have Zee and The Court lost control of the monster?

Longest reigning, former Ultimate Champion, The monster Zee, is number one contender for that very title again. At Corporate Ladder he put up quite the fight against Curtis Coleman, but fell short due to the Bad Boys Club’s interference. Even after taking this loss, Zee has remained a strong competitor and still has his sights on the Ultimate gold. The only problem is not only is he losing control of his mind, The Court is losing control over him.

The fans have witnessed the almost reformed monster begin to revert back. Although, he seemed to fight against his natural responses, not even The Court’s hand in things is stopping, or slowing down, this transformation. OSWA has managed to keep this almost under wraps; the fans only witnessing a few subtle moments during the shows. The locker-room, however, is watching Zee descend back into the abyss.

Curtis Coleman wrestled him most recently. “During our match, he kept mumbling things to himself, about himself. And I don’t mean in a truthful way, like how I was the Tag Team of the year all by myself. This was scary…”


“I keep finding him peeking behind buildings, or searching through bushes. When I would ask what he was doing he would respond with something about hearing them,” confessed one half of the Tag Team champions, Tim Miller.


“I thought it was all a show. You know, drumming up the drama for the crowd, but the other day I saw something pretty disturbing. I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. Naturally, I ran in there, thinking someone needed help. What I found still has my brain racked; there wasn’t anyone in there at all. I looked around and there was no one to be found, but there was paint all over the sink,” Patrick Samuels shivered when he explained.


Adrian Phillips shed some light, “Sometimes he just sits there in complete silence. Not a word, sniff, movement… nothing for hours. He wont respond to anyone and then all of the sudden he jumps up, hits his head and runs outside. I’ve tried to talk to him about it, but its like he doesn’t even remember.”


After hearing about this article, Michael Manson sought us out to give us his opinion on Zee. He gave a lot of insight on Zee and himself. “HE’S GOT IT RIGHT YOU KNOW!… Sorry… he has it right. Zee is the only other person here that knows what is going on. I know he is going to get that Ultimate title and I cant wait until he does. One day he told me about the voices and I am so glad someone else is finally hearing them too.”


Jake Hughes, however, showed no sympathy or condoning, “He is going crazy? I don’t know… He is always screaming and whining just like the rest. I just hope his paint is waterproof and doesn’t leave two streaks down his face before the show.”

The situation is escalating and no one knows what will happen next. Whatever his current mood is, seems to be what is driving him towards the belt or towards destruction. His unpredictable behavior has raised many concerns throughout the staff. Does Zee have control of himself?

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