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Reaching for the belt rung by rung

6 men will enter the ring at Corporate Ladder and one man will leave the Champion.

Corporate Ladder has been an annual opportunity for wrestlers to prove themselves not only in this company, but in this business. Each star has worked hard to be considered for this match, and will work even harder to reach the belt at the top of the ladder.

Brody Dillinger is the fighting Champion. This relatively new wrestler came into the OSWA just after the first of the year. In 7 months he has been the Golden Ticket winner and Corporate Champion. Even though the Bad Boys Club has given him some trouble in the beginning, he has successfully defended the Corporate belt every show since he won it at Heroes vs Villains.
This match does pose a much different threat. Instead of just 1 opponent he will be taking on five, two of which, are mystery opponents. The unknown factor prevents the champ from preparing for his opponents. Odds are against the reigning champ; only one other Corporate Champion has been able to retain the belt in such a challenging match. That was Brody Dillinger’s greatest rival Curtis Coleman. “I have said it before, and I will say it again. I dont like to call myself a champion; I call myself a title holder. This belt doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the fans. I said I would be a fighting title holder and I have been exactly that. I will go out there and fight for that title again against all 5 men. However, I don’t see any of the 5 being able to reach that belt. They don’t have the heart, the determination, or the willpower to beat me out of it. I have respect for my fellow competitors. I respect Will Kaution and his abilities. He brings the most dangerous thing to a match and that is experience. I think highly of Clint Eller. He has been a huge part of my career. However, I do believe that age plays a factor. Unfortunately, his heart has more fight than his body has left. And as far as for Kit Bryson. I do have respect in his abilities but this match will be won with heart, not greed. 

So rest assured fans, I will be giving it my all and bringing home that title for you. Believe in Brody, Believe in the O. ” -Brody Dillinger

The favorite to win is Will Kaution. Kaution knows gold and has been in every Corporate Ladder match from the company’s inception. Even so, each year he lost. These loses have heightened his skill set to take on such a daunting match and come out the victor. ” Being in the Corporate Ladder match from the start has given me nothing but the experience I need to make this my year.
All I have to say towards Brody is; “No hard feelings,  you’re a great wrestler and a great friend. But at the end of the night it’s not about friends. It’s about coming out on top.”
I’ll do anything and everything to be Corporate Champion.  I’m going to walk in and give it all I got and show everyone what makes me great, and why I am the EXCEPTIONAL Will Kaution.”- Will Kaution

Clint Eller recently qualified to be apart of the ladder match. After coming out of retirement, Clint has the most to prove. Being the oldest competitor puts him at a big disadvantage, competing in such a physical match against such young competitors.
However, with age does come wisdom. Clint has far more experience than the other competitors with many different matches over the years. “Since I started wrestling with the OSWA I’ve been the oldest wrestler and yet I’ve held the Corporate and Ultimate titles. Last year at Corporate Ladder, I would have won had jack Stryker, who wasn’t involved in the match, not hit me with a camera and stolen the belt. This year is no different. I will beat the younger guys using my superior size and my experience.
I think Brody is a great champion, he’s been a fighting champ and he brings honor to that belt and I do consider him a friend and ally inside and outside the OSWA but this match has no allies….no friends……just the title, suspended above the ring and 5 guys in my way. All respect to Brody, but this match is bigger than us.
There are usually no guarantees in a match like this, ladders and anything else goes, No rules except to climb up and take the belt, but this year I give you one guarantee, you will see me at my best, most brutal and violent self and when it’s all over the other 5 competitors will know why I’ve lasted in this business as long as I have. “-Clint Eller

The Bad Boys Club had to ensure they had a man in the action, after losing almost all the gold at Heroes vs Villains. The silver tongue of Percible Tobias Benson Esquire III manipulated the card and Kit Bryson made his way into the match. He originally wanted to make his way in with Jaxon Carter by his side, the BBC usually works in numbers. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances Carter’s spot is now the second mystery opponent. “A ladder match is my proving ground. I’ve never lost one. I know that when all is said and done, I will be standing atop that ladder with that belt, and everybody else will be laying on the ground, broken and bloodied. I can’t wait to see who the two mystery opponents are, the more targets I have the better.”- Kit Bryson
Having two mystery opponents brings excitement and anxiety to such a high profile match. With so many unknown variables it is hard to put your money on any one competitor.

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