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K2 Security makes an impact

The OSWA nation has been introduced to quite the new comer. He isn’t your run of the mill security personel; he is trained special ops and he means business.


Kenny Jackson sent a very strong message to everyone in attendance at the O-show July 2nd; he is no one to be messed with. The Bad Boys Club hired Jackson, representing K2 Security, to “weed out the weak.” He started his extractions by taking out Chives the Butler, before Ultimate Champion Curtis Coleman’s Match against Slim J. He was powerful and precise. Making a quick example of the Bad Boys Club manager, Chives.

He displayed how effective his precision attacks can be again this week. Coleman and the Bad Boys Club came out to the ring to meet Jacob Ashworth after his match against Brody Dillinger. Ashworth is the only person to have recently defeated Coleman; which he did on the same night that Coleman won the Ultimate Championship in the Battle Royal. Coleman had a point to prove to Ashworth, and he was smart enough to utilize Kenny Jackson beyond his initial investigation. Before anyone knew that Jackson was even in the building, he was already silently taking out Ashworth’s knees from behind.

His reputation is growing amongst the locker room and many have shown interest in hiring K2 Security for themselves. Jackson explained where he stands on the matter, “For the right price I’m available, but have you ever heard if you’re good at something never do it for free? Well if you are as good as me, you never do it for less than what you are worth, and my worth is extremely high in the eyes of the BBC.”

Jackson has an impressive resume that makes him a very worthy gun for hire. It includes,  involvement in Special Ops, former Professional MMA fighter, grappling coach, survival and combat shooting instructor, with a specialty in hand to hand combat. Even with all of this experience, the situation does beg to question why such a group as the Bad Boys Club needs to hire any extra help. However, Kenny Jackson explained, “have you ever needed a job done but didn’t have the means to get it done efficiently and secretly? I’m fast, quiet and well-skilled. The Club needs to focus on chasing the gold and I’m focused on weeding out the leeches that try to suck the success of the Bad Boys Club.”

He does work quickly, considering within his first night working for the Bad Boys Club he had already weeded out one of the “leeches.” With such a tight nit group, one would think that it would be a hard task to find any more that needed to go. However, Jackson has confirmed that his investigation will continue. “When you have a successful garden, there will always be a rodent trying to weasel in, or a snake lurking in the grass nearby. Only time will tell who is next.”

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