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New Ultimate Champion

True achievements don’t come to those who wait. They are not handed out freely. They certainly don’t come to the weak of heart. True achievements are bred from hard work, passion, and determination. A new Ultimate Champion rose up on June 4th. Curtis Coleman was the last man standing out of the entire roster; throwing out an impressive 12 wrestlers by himself.

Even though the Ultimate Championship was up for grabs, not just any wrestler has what it takes to step up and take it. There are many characteristics that a person must already embody to be capable of carrying such a title. Coleman is a man who knows what it means to work for something and he has reached his first tier of success.

Curtis Coleman – The new Ultimate Champion

Interviewed by: Anna Duckworth

How does it feel, just beating the entire roster to reach the ultimate goal, the Ultimate Title?

It feels pretty great right now. I mean it’s been a long time coming. I have been one of the top guys in the company for a while and I have competed against the best that OSWA has to offer. I have suffered from serious injuries and fought my way back to the top. And it’s about time someone such as myself can make the Ultimate Title relevant again, because it’s been dead for to long.

How long have you been wrestling?

5 years. But I was never officially trained. I grew up very poor. My passion was always wrestling. I begged several different trainers to train me and everyone wanted a large amount of money. Keep in mind I was a poor kid with two hard working parents trying to make ends meet. So one day I discovered YouTube. I watched and study hard. I trained hard outside on the hard ground. I worked my butt off to finally get to where I am today.


Beside the Ultimate and Corporate Championship, do you have other achievements?

Well I was a nobody stepping into the O. So I set some goals right away. After a rough first year, I knew I had to reach those goals. First I become a name being the best at what I do. Secondly I wanted to win a major title. Not only did I win a major title, I took that title and made the Corporate division relevant. I’m the best Corporate Champion so far. As Corporate Champion, I set a new goal. I wanted to be the 1st one to walk into Corporate Ladder as champion and walk out the same night as Corporate Champion. That’s exactly what I did. And I set a goal to one day be on top, to be the man, to be the Ultimate Champion. That’s what I did June 4th; being the first to beat over 20 something men at one time. Now I’ve set a new goal to be the greatest Ultimate Champion OSWA has ever seen. And to be the greatest wrestler OSWA has ever had.


What do you attribute to your success? What pushes you to the top?

My dad and I loved wrestling. He knew that this was my dream. Every Monday we watched wrestling together and he always said, “I’m gonna see u on there one day bud”. I always knew that he would. My dad became disable when I was younger, and died on my 17th birthday. When he was alive, he always tried to help me get trained. But when he died I knew what I had to do. I knew that I was not gonna be one of these guys that just gives up on my dream. When I was training myself there were times I wanted to quit, but the thought of my dad wanting to see me do what I love kept me going. My dad was my best friend. He taught me if I’m going to do something, do it right. That’s why I’m not ok with just being a wrestler. I wanna be the best freaking wrestler this world has ever seen. I’m constantly looking to get better. I’m not okay with being a mediocre wrestler. I will bust my butt to be the best. Even if that goal seems too far away. I will never stop chasing that goal. That’s why I’m on top now. I’m out chasing it everyday instead of sitting in the back crying to be on top. I make sure fans want to see me. Whether they love me or hate me, they still want to come see me.


Where do you go from here? You have the championship, now what do you do with it?

I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do with it… Make it relevant again. This title has no prestige left. At Heroes vs Villians, no one came to see the Ultimate Title. Fans came to see the Corporate title because I had it. I made that title what it is now. I have the Ultimate title and I will make sure people want to see it be defended. No matter what happens they are going to want to see what’s next for the Ultimate title. I have great respect for the Ultimate Championship. It’s not just a belt to me. It’s not just another goal to mark off my list. It’s a responsibility for the man on top. It means there are more levels to reach. I have to be the best. Just because I’m the man right now, doesn’t mean the work stops. I’m going to be the best champion that anyone has ever seen. With me as champion, that Ultimate title is going to go places it has never been before.

What do you think about it coming down to you and Popham?

When it came down to me and Bobby; I have to admit, I was thinking, “man this is the owner here”. But then again I thought the owner stepped into my world. I beat him fair and square. Bobby Popham should have stayed in the office. Bobby got into the ring with the wrong guy. He wrestled all the stars on the TAP show, that have already been on top, with nothing to lose. But he stepped into the ring with someone who was hungry to be the best. So my advise for him is to just go back to running the show.


Do you think that will hinder you in the future ?

Honestly I’m not concerned at all. I’m the face of the OSWA. He needs me.


Do you have any concerns with the position of Commissioner changing hands soon?

I believe that Percy is obviously going to win the election. Then again, Cornelia is full of dumb hillbilly red-necks ,who can’t count pass 3. They wouldn’t know who to vote for or who would bring the best to the OSWA if someone beat it into them. But I’m here to tell you my vote goes to Percy. I have nothing to worry about.


What does the Ultimate Title win mean for your club?

This just means we are back on top. We had a rough patch from HVV until now. But I defeated Bobby Popham and the whole locker room. Not only to put us on top again, but to stamp my name into the history book of OSWA. The Bad Boys Club, along with me as your Ultimate Champion will continue to bring greatness that they have never seen at OSWA.


Who is your biggest competition?

Myself. It’s up to me whether I win or lose any match. It starts with how I train, eat, study, and work. OSWA has a lot of competitors, but very few that want it more than I do. I sacrifice time away from my beautiful hard working wife, and my two gorgeous boys to chase my dream. With them as my rock and my determination no one else can stand in my way.

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