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Commissioner Election 2016

Before Mr. Popham could finish announcing the Commissioner Election of 2016, there was a name on the ballot. In the past few weeks more and more citizens of the OSWA nation have announced their candidacy via Social Media. This election is the peoples’ election. Not Only is it open for anyone to run, but instead of the Board deciding on the new Commissioner; the fans will be given the rare opportunity to choose for themselves. The Election is scheduled to take place at ExFEARience in October, with a preliminary and debate taking place at Corporate Ladder in July.

A capable commissioner should be able to juggle all aspects of the show. He/She should be the liaison between the wrestlers and the Board, all while giving the fans what they deserve, a spectacular show. Seven candidates believe they are up for the daunting task, but its the O-Nation’s privileged to decide who has what it takes to reach greatness.

Introducing your Nominees for the Commissioner Election of 2016.


Ginger Demore        “Demore will be more!”

Demore has been a merchandiser at the O-show and a lifelong fan of wrestling. However, being a fan does not equate to experience running a show. What she lacks in experience she makes up for in passion. She was the first to put her name in the hat for this election and has been the front runner in this election so far. Demore has promised the fans, as Commissioner, she will give them more. More talent, More extreme matches, More Entertainment. “ There is always MORE that can be done and I plan on giving MORE not only to the fans but to the wrestlers too. By bringing in the fans and building this OSWA nation. I am against giving up, everyone can succeed in their dreams and we can all help each other!!


David Garrison

Garrison has been a well known face at the OSWA, along with other Indy promotions across North Georgia. To add to his in ring resume, Garrison has also been a business owner and Promoter for 30 years. He is promising the fans the same thing he has always pushied for at the OSWA. He wants to see less characters and more wrestlers come into that locker room. “It has been a dog and pony-show. We need to step it up and have more extreme matches and get rid of this childish stuff. Bobby Popham has stepped up and started wrestling. I am responsible for that. We can step it up and take it to the next level.”


Percible Tobias Benson Esquire III       Let’s make O merica great again!

Percy has not been a crowd favorite due to his involvement with the Bad Boys Club, however he is quite qualified for the position. Along with his extensive legal background, he has been an in ring performer and champion. He hasn’t given the fans much in the way of promises, because his focus is on the wrestlers. What he has promised to carryout is to install guard rails “to keep all of the fans’ nasty hands away from the athletes (and I’ll make the fans pay for it).” He also plans to award each Bad Boys member a belt, whether that be through competition or charity he did not say. I am a winner and I surround myself with winners. And the OSWA needs someone with a winner’s attitude and spirit to take charge.”


Benjamin Gray         “Taking OSWA to new heights with Benjamin Gray!”

Benjamin Gray hasn’t been in front of the OSWA crowd thus far, which could hinder him in this election. However, he may be the most qualified candidate in this race. Gray has worked at TNT and wrestled at UCW. He also has a Promoters License for the state of Georgia and has ran his own show. He wants to see the OSWA get to even greater heights under his leadership. “The other candidates just want a vote from the fans. I want the fans to give me an opportunity. An opportunity to make the OSWA the best it’s ever been and to take it to that next level. I want them to give me an opportunity, so I can give opportunities to the fans, and to the wrestlers. I’m not here to talk down to the other candidates; I’m here to win the election. I’m here to get an opportunity that only the fans can give me.”


Referee “Frog” Finley              I’m not a salesman, I’m the blue-collar guy to get things done!

Finley has been with this company from its inception. He has been involved with the inner workings of many aspects; production, training, reffing, even holding the title of commissioner once before. Skeptics have already brought up their concerns based on the state of which his last run as commissioner ended. Finley believes he has learned from his own mistakes and from all the former Commissioners’ mistakes. Finley wants to give the fans “entertainment that is not bound by lawyers.” “Putting on a show like we do is much like the duck on a pond analogy; calm on top but kicking like crazy underneath. My goal is that the fans should never have to deal with all that kicking. If I bring in new talent, tweak our production qualities and set new, exciting matches than I did my job well. The fans should never see me at work, but only see the results of that work. “


The Voice” Michael Gentry           “A vote for the Voice, is a vote for your voice. #MVGforCommissioner “

Gentry has always been an obvious fan favorite and is accustomed to speaking to a crowd; which should assist him in the upcoming debate. He is another former Commissioner, however, it was Percible Tobias Benson Esquire III, that ended that run under questionable terms. Gentry wants to prove himself to the fans after failing the first time and to give them someone that is not a politician. “I will continue the traditions of continuously bringing in new talent and new faces to really impact the quality of competition at the O. After my earlier reign as commissioner, I have learned not to be so quick to make decisions and to factor in not only what the people of the O-Nation want to see, but also the betterment of the company as a whole.


Announcer Joe          Let the real talent shine, at the JO-SWA!”

Whether he has the popular vote or not, Joe is a serious contender for this election. Joe was “too busy” working on his campaign to speak with us about his plans for becoming Commissioner of the OSWA. So the leader of the Bad Boys Club, Jake Hughes, gave a few words on his behalf. “His plan for the JO-SWA is to get all of the ditch diggers and Cornelia can collectors out of the O-rena. He is making way for the real talent!” Some could question whether he is qualified for the position with his only background being in announcing. However, when asked what qualifies Joe, Jake responded, “Since day one he has funded and ran this show, how is he not qualified? “

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