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Sir Facade regains the championship at what cost?

The White Knight, Sir facade, paced around the ring at the beginning of his rematch against Ultimate Champion, Rod Boldt. The cold and calculated Sir Facade seemed shaken.

He has maintained a level of honor in the OSWA. He ripped through many of the heroes, but he did so with controlled strategic maneuvers. He fought honorably, and won time and time again. However, Rod Boldt’s win for the Ultimate Championship has brought out a different side of him. During his match Saturday night, he lost his edge. Instead of a confident display of competition, fans saw him digress to underhanded tactics, and an all out brawl with Rod Boldt. It would seem that he has found some true competition that scares him.

Regardless of the public’s opinion on ethics, Sir Facade did accomplish what he set out to do. Rod Boldt told him to, “Bring it on!” and that is exactly what he did. He focused on Boldt’s weakness; his impaired neck. He then exploited that weakness throughout the match. It ended with Rod Boldt tapping out to a Peruvian Neck Tie, that obviously caused a great deal of pain.

That night, after Sir Facade won the belt back, he wasted no time leaving the ring. That is, until his Harold held up his hand reminding him of the 5 minutes that gave Rod the win in their last match up. He went after Rod’s neck again, as if punishing him for the five minutes that cost him his title. However, the Knight’s Harold still stands behind the actions taken that night, “We did nothing wrong. We are competitors and Sir Facade being the competitor he is, did what he had to do to win. We would have loved to wrestle Rod in his prime, but it looks like his best days are behind him. Such a shame.“ Rod’s neck went through a lot after the match and the extent of his injuries are not currently known. Rod did have this much to tell us, “It’s in the doctor’s hands. I would love nothing more than to give the White Knight the beating he deserves… but my life, my family, and my well being have to come first… “

The number one contender, Chris Damien, came to the aid of the unconscious Boldt that night. He was already scheduled for an Ultimate Championship match at the upcoming super show, Heroes vs Villains, against whomever is the reigning champion. Witnessing an unnecessary beating like that, fueled him even more to win against the new champion, Sir Facade. In the ring he told the Knight, “Rod Boldt is what a real champion is! I was honored to fight for a title that, that man deserves! But after tonight, with the game you played, breaking a man after he was down! Beating you is going to be the greatest thing I’ve done in this business! At Heroes vs Villains I’m going to show you what a marine can really do!”

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