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Tag team division continues to heat up after lawsuit

Things are not always black and white. Even with rules in place, judgments are frequently made in that gray area.

Commissioner, Anthony Marinelli has made a few decisions lately that have hugely impacted the OSWA’s tag team division. Starting back at the super-show, Sole Survivor, Marinelli made the decision to have Jonathan Feltner wrestle in place of Tower; as the other member of CTMD. That match in particular was greatly anticipated, and due to it being a title defense, gathered a lot of heat. Feltner hasn’t been CTMD’s manager long, but has worked with other promotions in the southeast since 2011. In that time he has worked as an announcer and a manager, but has not been a wrestler, despite some in ring training.

After Feltner was pinned and CTMD lost the tag team titles to The Royal, Feltner took a different route to regain the Gold for his team. They hired lawyers to take legal action against the decision to put him in the ring in the first place. After a few weeks, it has paid off for them. Marinelli had to deliver the news to The Royal, and the fans; not only were the tag team titles being returned to CTMD, the record will not show the Royal as winning them in the first place. The Reign of CTMD is still going strong since they won them, May 16th, 2015.

Recently, Feltner gave a statement concerning the reversal, “The contract that was signed for the title match on January 30th at Sole Survivor clearly stated the following: The Royal (consisting of Marcus Adams and Patrick Samuels) would get a tag team title shot against the champions CTMD (consisting of Tower and Chad Wood) If the match did not consist of all four individuals, it was automatically void, and the champions would retain their titles. Now, if the Royal were smart, they would have read the fine print and disputed that, but did they? No, they signed that contract. It’s not my fault they forgot what it said.”

As heartbreaking as that is for The Royal, they are willing to work to get those titles back. Marcus Adams told us after the show, “We are going to do what we have done since coming to OSWA. We are going to continue to win. We will continue to push our revolution of the tag team division to new heights. We will continue to be the new trailblazers of OSWA. As for how I personally feel about the matter…I’m not doing it for me. I’m doing it for my dad. I will get that championship back. “

Commissioner Marinelli also announced that he will be enforcing the 30-day title defense clause. This rule is for all champions at the OSWA, however, The Royal has complained on multiple occasions about CTMD being part time champions and not defending the titles. This rule forces them to defend those titles at least every 30 days or be stripped of them. Feltner defended his team by saying, “CTMD are not part time champions, they are prize fighters. They defend the titles when the money is there. That’s what I have taught them to do. And I could care less about Marinelli’s 30 day hogwash. He’s gonna find anyway to try and get the upper-hand, since I exposed him as a shell of a commissioner, but I promise you, it’s just gonna blow up in his face.” Marinelli says it is not directed at CTMD but to all champions, “The 30-day rule applies to every active O wrestler. No matter what Coleman, Kit, or CTMD think. It applies to all wearing gold around their waist. I have nothing against any wrestler as long as they uphold the standards and respect the OSWA is about.”

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