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Has IRA found their Stride?

Sole Survivor kept the fans on the edge of their seats, and in many cases out of them. It was a night filled with excitement, and matches that set the bar for the upcoming year.

The bar was set the highest for the Tag Team Division. Going into Sole Survivor there were only four active tag teams in the OSWA; The Royal, CTMD, Deadly Instincts and the IRA. These four teams have all been strong competitors over the last year. However, the division has almost doubled in size, which brings uncertainty among the ranks.

After Sole Survivor, the whole division was revamped. CTMD went into the super-show the champs, however, The Royal walked out the new Tag Team Champions. Deadly Instincts broke up, and split into two new teams, the Garrison Boys and Disorderly Conduct. The Book Club made their debut. That leaves the IRA.

The IRA, Irish Redneck Alliance, is an alliance consisting of Ken O’Sullivan and Jimmy Lee. The IRA considers themselves an alliance instead of a tag team due to the singles success they have both experienced in the past. As O’Sullivan explained, “we are looking for any gold, whether that be singles or tag team.” Jimmy Lee has held the Tag Team Championship at the OSWA in the past with David Garrison’s team, White Trash. Ken O’Sullivan has held Championship titles at other promotions such as the Light Heavyweight Championship at SWA. He was also the OSWA’s longest reigning Generation Champion, before losing it to Kit Bryson. In spite of their level of talent individually, the team has had a stream of losses. “Every team hits a dry-spell, we will change that sooner than you think,” explained O’Sullivan. These singles wrestlers need to find their rhythm as a team to develop the team’s chemistry.

At the O-Sho on February 20th, they may have done exactly that. IRA took on the Garrison Boys and gained a decisive win, finally breaking the losing streak. This change in the division may be exactly what they needed. “This gives us the chance to see where we stand as a tag team, “ Jimmy Lee said. They plan to turn the tide in 2016 and fight up the ranks all the way to The Royal and their Tag Team Championship. “We respect The Royal, but if we get our chance at the Tag Team Championship we will become the champs,” O’Sullivan assured.

There are many teams to face before they reach The Royal, but they don’t seem to be bothered. “I mean no disrespect but I am not worried about any of these other tag teams. We are going to the top and our strategy is simple, blow through anyone getting in our way, from those Garrison punks to CTMD,” proclaimed O’Sullivan.

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