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The Voice Speaks….on Sole Survivor (Part 2)

Before I begin if you haven’t had a chance to read the first part of this edition of The Voice Speaks you can read the article here

The Sole Survivor Match is one of a kind test of endurance for any competitor and by far the most difficult match held in the OSWA. This match puts 10 combatants into a match where only one man will have the opportunity to go on to headline the biggest show of the year, Heroes vs. Villains, and the chance to claim the OSWA’s richest prize in the Ultimate Championship. For those who don’t know how the Sole Survivor match works, the match begins with all 10 combatants randomly placed into two teams of 5. They will compete in a 5 vs 5 tag team match. The combatants are eliminated by pin fall or submission. This continues down until there are 4 combatants left.
Then the match becomes a fatal four way match where all the men are now in the ring. Once a competitor is eliminated, the match becomes a triple threat submission match. A match where the only way to be eliminated is by making your opponent tap out. Once that combatant is eliminated, he then will be made the special guest referee for the the final competitors to fight it out in a one on one match. Whoever gets the final pin fall wins the match and has the right to call themselves the Sole Survivor.
This years Sole Survivor has 5 men who all have previous experience in the Sole Survivor and 4 men who are competing for the first time. Let’s take a look at the contestants.

“The Monster” Zee Williams (Odds to Win 3-2) This is the Monster’s 2nd Sole Survivor appearance and with a dominate year of competition in 2015 and having being one of the longest reigning Ultimate Champions of all time, he knows what it takes to win the Sole Survivor as he came very close last year. Zee by far has the best odds of winning it all.

“The All American” Chris Damian (Odds to Win 2-1) In his 2nd Sole Survivor match “The All American” has the most ring experience of anybody competing in this match, not to mention the toughness as a solder defending this country. The only thing that could hurt him in this match is the fact that “The Monster” Zee knows almost everything in his play book, so he would have the only disadvantage to him.

Jaxon Carter (Odds to Win 3-1) 2015 showed us a vast upswing in the career of Jaxon Carter, winning the Tag Team Championships plus The Ultimate Championship. Jaxon now aligned with the Bad Boys Club and having fellow Club Member Kit Bryson in the match he will plan on taking that advantage in competing in his 2nd Sole Survivor Match.

Ken O’Sullivan (Odds To Win 4 -1) Competing in his 1st ever Sole Survivor match, Ken O’Sullivan is by far one of the toughest wrestlers on the whole OSWA roster. The former longest reigning Generations Champion will look to use that tenacity to try to win that shot at the Ultimate Championship.

Generations Champion Kit Bryson & “The Exceptional” Will Kaution (Odds to Win 6-1) – Both of these men are heading into their 2nd Sole Survivor match. After going through a very tough best of 5 series with Will Kaution to retain his Generations Championship Kit Bryson has shown us he has what it takes and is willing to go to any length to win. Meanwhile Will Kaution even after such a tough loss to Bryson has easily become the most athletic man on the OSWA roster and his high flying ability can serve him well in the Sole Survivor match, however after such a grueling series do either one of these men have enough left in the tank to become the Sole Survivor?

Jimmy Lee (Odds to Win 8-1) Jimmy Lee has made a major change for the better in his wrestling career by leaving David Garrison and White Trash in his past and now teaming up with a new partner in Ken O’Sullivan it will be interesting to see how Jimmy uses his Technical skills in this, his first Sole Survivor Match.

Michael Manson (Odds to Win 10 -1) Michael Manson may have lost his mask and is no longer Scorn, but this young man has found his own identity as a singles competitor and is beginning to make waves in the waters of OSWA. He was the winner of the Jason Speed Memorial Battle Royal match this year and has a ground and pound style that can serve him well in this type of match but being this is is first Sole Survivor will he continue his dream of headlining the biggest show of the year for the Ultimate Championship?

Brody Dillinger (Odds to Win 15 -1) This young man by far is the early favorite for breakout star of 2016. In just two matches he not only been able to defeat the 2015 Wrestler of the Year in Curtis Coleman to qualify for his first Sole Survivor Match, but he has also been able to capture a very illusive prize, the Golden Ticket. Now in match #3 will he be able to continue his miracle start to his career by winning the Sole Survivor match and go on to become Ultimate Champion?

The 10th Man (Odds to Win ?-?) The X factor in this Sole Survivor match is the mystery man whom the OSWA board of directors will choose. Last year saw the return of Mystic Storm who went on to the final three of the match. Will this years mystery combatant have just as much impact and win it all?

The 2016 Sole Survivor match will be bigger and better than last years even and with a shot to headline Heroes vs. Villains 4 you know all the combatants will pull out all the stops to try and win but only one man will and if I had to bet based on the odds I would choose Ken O’ Sullivan as my pick to win it all but then again you never know what could happen.

Michael Gentry

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Ring Announcer, Referee, Manager extraordinaire. The Current Voice Of the Old School Wrestling Alliance. Has worked with many different companies all around the South East US and appeared on International Television.
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