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The Voice Speaks ……on Sole Survivor (Part 1)

2016 is off to a blazing start here at OSWA and we are now just a few short days away from the start on the road to Heroes vs. Villains, with our first super show of the year Sole Survivor (formerly New Year’s Knock Out). This year’s event has a lot of anticipated match ups and rivalries coming to a head. In this preview of the show I’ll explain how we ended up with some of our marquee matches and my picks for the winners.


This match was the most recent one that had been added to the card for Sole Survivor. The current champion Sir Facade defeated former champion Johnny Walker to claim the championship. Since doing so has demanded to face new competition at OSWA. Every man who has ever held the Ultimate Championship, the white knight has defeated inside the ring. So now he wants new challengers to try and take the championship from him. He had issued an open challenge for Sole Survivor to anyone who has never held the title. Insert Lightning Rod Boldt, one of the most decorated champions in OSWA history as he is a former 24/7, Tag Team, and Corporate Champion, however OSWA’s richest prize has eluded him in his career at the O. He has recently returned to competition after suffering from neck injury to compete in latest Golden Ticket Battle Royal, in which he along with newcomer Brody Dillinger, both won the coveted Golden Ticket which grants the man who holds it a shot any championship of their choosing at anytime. Boldt told Brody to hold on to his and make sure he uses it at the right time, meanwhile Boldt immediately cashed his in to face Sir Facade at Sole Survivor for the Championship. Now as talented of a competitor that Rod Boldt is, my concern with him is that he could very well be rusty from being on the sidelines nursing his injury to his neck while the White Knight is in the best form we have seen him in quite some time. Plus also having the Herald and the squires at ringside with as well the numbers game is not to the favor Rod as well so my best wishes to him in this match up but I believe that The White Knight Sir Facade will retain the Ultimate Championship.


The Corporate Championship is a very coveted title in OSWA. Many of the men who have held this title have gone on to become main event stars like both Adrian Phillips and Curtis Coleman. 2015 saw both of these men make the jump to the top of the roster and win a lot of accolades including 2015 Tag Team of the year and Wrestler of the year for Curtis Coleman. That is a huge honor considering he spent a good part of the year dealing with a head injury that came from the his match at the Corporate Ladder event. He gave relinquished the championship and a tournament was held to crown the a new champion and Adrian won. When Curtis was cleared to return to the ring he then turned his back on Adrian and attacked him and ended up winning the Corporate Championship back from him. Then with the use of the golden ticket Adrian was able to reclaim the Corporate Championship. So now Curtis Coleman and Adrian Phillips are ready to do whatever it takes to claim the title. Since the betrayal by Curtis Coleman we have seen him do what ever it takes to win and with Chives Buttler at ringside the advantage goes to him, however the willingness to fight and the determination of Adrian I feel will be enough to retain the Corporate Championship.


CTMD have had a very good year in 2015 as they had spent most of the year as the OSWA tag team champions. Chad Wood and Tower burst on the scene looking going through every single tag team that OSWA had to offer them till they took the championships for themselves by defeating White Trash. However they were in danger of losing the titles when Chad Wood was injured and was going to have relinquish the titles however thanks to their third member Mr. Ballenger he was able to fill in for Chad wood letting them retain the titles until last week when he was able to return to action and now the CTMD has their sights set on being as dominate in 2016 as well. The Royal burst onto the scene in 2015 in a very emphatic way. Showing the O-Nation their ability to function very well as a Tag Team. Their blend of power and brute force from Marcus Adams and high flying and technical skills of Patrick Samuels. These two in my opinion have proven to be one of the best tag teams in OSWA history there is only one thing that they need to make it official and that is the OSWA Tag Team Championship and now they will get their chance when they face CTMD for the championship at Sole Survivor. This match outside of the Sole Survivor match has all of the potential to be the match of the night and I feel that when the final bell rings we will be crowning new tag team champions in Marcus Adams and the Patrick Samuels THE ROYAL.


I would like to break down this great matchup for you guys but another one of the writers for the OSWA has already done so with another great article that can be found here I’m very glad I have gotten to know Johnny Walker during my time here in OSWA and I hope that Sole Survivor will not be the last time that I we all will see Johnny Walker in the ring. I’m picking him to win this big match up and send Jake Hughes packing from the OSWA.


2015 saw the debut of a rival promotion to the OSWA take it footing in North Georgia Total Aggression Pro Wrestling (TAP) created by David Garrision where he brought his own take on professional wrestling. It was here where we were first introduced to his adopted son Mack Mosley. Since arriving on the scene Mack has shown a furosity to do whatever it takes including using a lot of underhanded tatics to win his matches. Overall he has spent the last part of 2015 in a major feud with OSWA owner Bobby Popham who happens to be the TAPW champion. Since stealing the title from Bobby at the last TAPW charity show he has caused terror to whom ever ever wanted in the ring. The Deadly Instincts have been steadily working their way through the ranks of the Tag Team division through 2015, and earning some accolades along the way including most improved wrestler of the year for Jamar Anderson. Now he along with his partner Keith Cage have really stepped up their game as of late competing for some of OSWA’s top championships. At the last O Show the Deadly Instincts rushed to ringside to stop Mack from beating down his latest compition after the match and then challenged Mack to a tag team match at Sole Survivor. This is where David Garrison let Mack know that he would finally get to meet his biological brother and he would be his tag team partner for this matchup. Now as for deciding who will win this match I can’t pick a winner here because of the unknow factor that is the brother of Mack Mosley but if I’ve learned anything from watching the Deadly Instincts this year is you can never count them out of a match at any given time.

So that is all of the matches except for the Sole Survivor match itself which there will be a separate article breaking down each compeitor in the match and giving their odds of winning it all.

Michael Gentry

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Ring Announcer, Referee, Manager extraordinaire. The Current Voice Of the Old School Wrestling Alliance. Has worked with many different companies all around the South East US and appeared on International Television.
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