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A Letter of Thanks

Since its inception in 2012, the OSWA has done plenty of things. There has been derision, criticism, and a lack of respect from people. Yet through it all, the OSWA’s dedication to put out what they wanted regardless of the views of those that deemed the company unworthy has been at the core of every show. A sense of pride in oneself. A pride in entertaining.

I have been a fan of professional wrestling for the better part of two decades. I have been a fan of all types. The hard-hitting, blood and guts type, the type that makes your sides split with laughter, and the kind that grips your very soul with the emotion displayed by the athletes in the ring. I have had pride in the sport and art of professional wrestling. Sticking to my pride as I debated others of its validity, and taking the chastising in stride as I politely informed them that Tom Hanks wasn’t really stranded on an island all that time. It was a movie. A story. Something you believe in and go along for the ride. Whether I changed those people’s mind or not is neither here nor there. The lasting impression remains. My pride.


Closing out the year of 2015, the OSWA set up a best of 5 series for the Generations Title. Kit Bryson and Will Kaution. Two young guns that are forging their names in cauldron of athleticism and sheer guts. I have personally known Will Kaution and Kit Bryson from their birth into this business, respectfully. I am a little biased, because I have had a hand in helping them grow and become incredible athletes. Despite that, I can unequivocally state that the 4 matches that Will Kaution and Kit Bryson have had to date in this series, have been some of the best ever displayed in the O-rena.

They have captivated the fans, fellow wrestlers, and anyone lucky enough to witness these displays. To see these two grow, has been an absolute joy. From the casual fan, die hard fanatic, passers-by, or even those in the know, this series has been a thrill ride. These young men started with a one on one battle that was full-throttle from bell to bell. They followed it up with a submission match that would have made any grappler proud. Add on a No Disqualification bout that had more twists and turns than a Formula 1 track. Then the boys proved that they were truly men with their Last Man Standing match. The final stop will be a Ladder Match to crown the most deserving Generation’s Champion. If this is the next generation of wrestling, then my pride will swell even more.


This series has built pride larger than a Roman Coliseum. It makes me proud to be a Professional Wrestling fan, when I see what these two have accomplished. It makes me proud to know them personally and professionally. It makes me proud to see them cap this beautiful display of artwork, this tapestry woven with desire and will to be the best, at the next O-Sho.

Thank you Kit.

Thank you Will.

You could never know how proud you have made me.

A big fan,



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