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The Voice Speaks….Personally


Hello O-Nation! As many of you know this is my place where I usually give my opinions on a lot of the things that are happening here in the OSWA. This time is no different but this time it’s personal. Anybody that knows me understands the kind of person that I am. I absolutely love the industry that I am fortunate to be a part of. I’m also a very fair and balanced person, which is why the OSWA board of directors came to me over a year and a half ago asking me would I like the responsibility of becoming the commissioner of the company given my experience with other promotions. For the better part of 2014 I ran the company as a fair and open minded commissioner. Then after I miss handled one (I Repeat ONE) incident with a certain superstar who to this day I still don’t fully trust, the job I took very seriously was taken away from me and turned it into a joke. Now fast forward to June 20th 2015 where an election was held to determine a vice commissioner and the guy who wins wasn’t even on the ballot, I know that for a fact cause I saw the ballots when I voted for myself. Now normally I wouldn’t be upset about this cause stranger things have happened in the OSWA but this is the 3rd time an opportunity for myself to become commissioner again and restore balance back to the OSWA and again someone who is not even part of the process gets the job. I normally would bite my tongue and just deal with the situation but this has gone on far too long. The record books will show I was only commissioner for only four months but in that time I not only put together the best show in the history of the OSWA in Heroes vs. Villains 2. I also gave the fans the matches they wanted to see. The OSWA was thriving, yet I get the job taken from me cause of politics, thievery and underhanded tactics. I will admit not everyone in the locker room liked me for the way I did business but I was fair to everyone and I always made sure the action was always on a level playing field. Now you have Ace Stryker running the company. I have only known Ace to look out for two people in the OSWA himself and his little brother Jack. He has no concern for anybody else on the roster. I hope that and prey that things are sorted out and that order will eventually be restored back to the OSWA. So I beg and pleed with the board of directors and Mr. Bobby Popham, please I beg of you please put me back in charge, so I can fix this problem before OSWA falls into a complete turmoil and you may not be able to save it.

Michael Gentry

About Michael Gentry

Ring Announcer, Referee, Manager extraordinaire. The Current Voice Of the Old School Wrestling Alliance. Has worked with many different companies all around the South East US and appeared on International Television.
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