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In Memorandum: The Superstars that Shine Forever in Our Hearts

Father Time always catches up with us. No one ever really knows when the time comes to hang up your boots. Some plan it, sometimes it’s planned for you. Today, we take a look back at three superstars that have officially retired from in ring competition at the OSWA.



Johnny Psycho

I met Psycho a couple of years ago along with his brother and tag team partner. They made up the tag team “The Original Ink Inc” which is NOT to be confused with another team of a very similar name. They made their O debut at Heroes Vs Villains #1 and made their presence known from the moment they stepped into the ring. Both men were definitely larger than most of the O locker room and they used their power to rack up wins. This raw power eventually landed them a tag team championship match against one of the most cunning teams the O had to offer, Disorderly Conduct. Psycho and Goth fought hard against the champs in a back and forth battle and in the end, The Original Ink Inc was able to secure the gold and take their place at the top of the Tag Team division. Unfortunately, shortly after winning, Psycho suffered a shoulder injury and was no longer able to continue defending the championship. Even though THAT is what most people remember about Johnny Psycho is his time in Ink Inc, my fondest memory is when he came up by himself on the off weekends(his brother could only come up once a month) to help the young guys out. His match with Cody McCulley stood out to me because it seemed he genuinely wanted to see these young guys get better and to see the places he has seen in the business. Johnny Psycho officially retired from the O on November 1st 2014. He is missed.


“Let’s see; favorite people I’ve worked…New Jack, Jimmy Wayne Yang (Our series of matches back in the day resulted in his signing with WCW, & later, WWE), all of the original crew from the final days of WCW; Jindrak & O’Haire, Elix Skipper, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny the Bull, etc., Jamie Noble, AJ Styles…as much as we don’t see eye to eye, any match I’ve had with Goth had been a real barn burner, due to our utter lack of regard for each other’s well being. The things I remember most about the O are all the real up and comers; Rod Boldt, Zach Daniels, of course Jake Hughes; the unbelievable trust and support of Bobby Popham & Clint Eller; I wouldn’t have wanted to go out any other way…I really hope you guys can keep growing, keep showcasing the young guys, while bringing in old timers, like myself, to help show the way…truly a class organization…& an amazing fan base. For a while, when I was younger, I was as famous as an indy worker could be; headlining cards, getting paid truly good money…it was fun & scary & challenging & exciting…even though it didn’t work out the way I planned; it worked out the only way it could have…there is but one path, & it is the one you are on…I wouldn’t change a thing; I traveled, met my heroes, put my enemies in their place, & showed some kids that there is still a place for honor in this world..”

-Johnny Psycho

cc devline
CC Develine

When I think of CC, I tend to think of a certain superstar who says what he thinks, drinks a certain type of beverage, and ends everything with a “that’s the bottom line”. The first time I ever saw him was a video(or was it a Betamax) that Clint Eller brought in to show some of the promotions he had worked in the past. The main event on the tape had this short, bald guy in jean shorts facing off against an unknown opponent. The interesting thing is this guy was tough and compact and Clint even talked about this “eye fell out of his head” spot he would do to freak out his opponents and fans in the crowd. “Very interesting Clint, let’s get him up to our show!” So, the first time he came up to work, it was against his son Matt, which was Matts first official match. The match went really well, with a good bit of high flying of Matt, and an opposing grounded offense from his father. CC ended up winning the match but the winners were the fans in my book. They then formed up the tag team of the Develines and, like Ink Inc, won the tag team titles. My fondest memory of CC was the time that he, Clint as the commissioner, and Jack Stryker (who people say looks a lot like me) were in the ring and it was the first time I worked him. What I can say is he is a consummate professional. CC retired from the O on January 31st, 2015 at New Years Knockout. It made me cry watching CC lay down and Jake Hughes covering him……one……last………time and I know the fans took it to heart.

“I retired because of pain in lower lumbar area, went to ER, they diagnosed me with 2 more compression fractures and hardware coming out so since I couldn’t see my personal orthopedic and the one who did my last surgeries in 2004 for a month, I made the decision to not take any chances and hang-em up.  And Yes I wrestled with all this lol. It was my dream and I wasn’t letting anything stop me or or hold me back from continuing my dream. Funny how dreams are like that!”

-CC Develine



Rod Paul Boldt II

This one stings the most since I knew Rod more than anyone on this list. When I was gearing up to head into the world of professional wrestling, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had myself, Clint Eller, and determination. Sure we had few guys at the time who said they wanted to be a wrestler but most of them fell off pretty quick. The two that lasted stuck around for a while but eventually moved on to other promotions. I got a call from a friend of mine asking if the rumors were true and if I’m really in the “rasslin’ business”? I said yes and he told me he had three guys who were interested in doing it. The three guys were Mr. Hollywood, Adrian Phillips, and Rod Boldt. I said to send them up and we started gaining some traction. Finally, when we were ready to do our first show, my very first opponent for my very first match was Rod Boldt. He was Lightning Rod Bolt back then. It was a decent match by two greenhorn guys who hadn’t been in the business but there is just something about your first time. It’s sticks with you, clear as day. Rod was a natural, picked up on everything quickly and was ahead of his time(in wrestling). Everyone would ask how long he had been training and he would say “a year” and the vets would say “No way, he moves like he has been doing it for 5-6 years!” I remember the time we went to NEW wrestling, and the time we worked each other at SWA. Sorry about throwing you into Hollywood and hurting his knee lol! That was a trip, literally! I never could figure out if you and Hollywood or Jake and I were booed more. #Mysteriesoftheworld! My fondest memory though was winning my first championship against the man who beat me in my first match, Rod Boldt. It was the first time I understood what wrestlers mean when you hear the crowd and it fuels you to do things you never thought you could do. When Rod tapped, the place went nuts and that night proved that Rod Paul Boldt II belonged in a wrestling ring, no matter what anyone thought about the OSWA at the time. It was your destiny to live your dream, no matter how short or long. Rod recently started having problems with numbness and neck issues so he made the tough decision to retire from in ring competition on May 16th, 2015. It will absolutely leave a spot in the locker room that will not be filled easily.

It has been said that the OSWA’s biggest strength is the connection between all of us as “Family and Friends”. That never been more true today. I don’t do this for the money. Like a friend said the other day: money is spent pretty quickly but sentiment, memories, friends, and family…

…that lasts long after money is long gone.

Bobby Popham

About Bobby Popham

I am the fearless leader of the O. Believe and always remember, everyone has a story to tell. This is our story.
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