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Power Rankings: May 22nd, 2015

Its time for another power rankings report, where we are ranking the best OSWA has to offer. There has been a shift in power as new champions were crowned, which means new faces in the top 10. We say goodbye to Hollywood, Rod Paul Boldt II, Completely Awesome, and Deadly Instincts this week for various reasons, including retirement from the world of wrestling.

The OSWA Power Rankings are determined by Championships held, win/loss record, and overall impact from the show.

1. Alpha Mcfly

Status: Ultimate Champion                                       Previous rank: 6(as Johnny Pinhead) What a difference a month makes? The last time we had the power rankings, Jake Hughes was champion and McFly was out of action. From there, McFly was Johnny Pinhead, became number one contender, and beat Hughes to become the ultimate champion.


Status: Generations Champion
Previous Rank: 3  No matter the challenge, big or small, the generations champion continues to carry the title with honor and respect.


Previous Rank: 1 The now former champ has stumbled a little since Heroes VS Villains, but has quickly gotten back on track in a superb match-up against Kit Bryson.

4. Zee Williams

Previous Rank: 8 The Monster had Alpha Mcfly beat in his first first title defense but interference by Vengeance cost the superstar the match, and his shot at the title.

5. Chad Wood and Tower

Status: Tag Team Champions                           Previous Rank: NEW The duo came in, dominated, and in nothing less than controversial fashion, won the tag team championships.


Previous Rank: 9 White Trash, along with David Garrison, recently won the tag team championship at Heroes VS Villains. However, during their first title defense, they weren’t able to hold on to the titles to Tower and Chad Wood. The Match wasn’t without controversy as Fairview’s leg was on the rope as the ref counted to three. Something tells me this isn’t over.


Previous Rank: new Since returning from an injury, Vengeance has been on a mean streak, even having words with his partner, Zee Williams. He recently cost the monster his title match by attacking him behind the ref’s back as he was on his way to winning.

8. Kaution + Carter

Previous Rank: 4 Since losing the tag team titles in the TLC match, the cousins of destruction have vowed to set things straight and get their rematch for the championship.

9. Security Shane

Status: Corporate Champion                      Previous Rank: NEW Shane recently won the corporate championship from his best friend, by odd fashion nonetheless. Even though his critics have voiced their opinion, Shane has managed to hold on to the title for now. Maybe we will see him in action soon.

10. Curtis Coleman

Previous Rank: NEW Curtis Coleman has had some bad luck lately with Jake Hughes defeating him by using underhanded tactics, but it looks as though Coleman is back on the right track and is on a winning streak. Will he rise to championship glory?

Honorable mentions:

Kit Bryson, Nicole Jackson(24/7 champion), and Adrian Phillips


Don’t agree with our list?  Let us know what you think in the comments… to you then.


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