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Controversy in the Tag Division

Wrestling has never been without its controversy. Look at any promotion. From time to time you see something that makes you just go “Well that just happened!” But hey, it’s makes for a good story, and wrestling has always been about the story. Right? Right?! This past Saturday, the 16th of May, the O experienced a dispute with the tag team championship.

White Trash, Jimmy Lee and Cody Fairview, along with Manager David Garrison recently won the tag team championship in a four way TLC match at Heroes Vs Villains 3. It looked like Tower and Chad Wood had the match all but wrapped up but manager Garrison seemed to offer Tower and Wood a “compensation” to “throw” the match. Flash forward two weeks and It seemed that no one would stand in the way of the tag team champions. “Who is left to challenge us?” Garrison stated but low and behold Tower and Wood answered the challenge. “What are you guys doing here?” We compensated you? Garrison added “That was last week, now we want our shot!” Negotiations over! Match is set. Tower and Chad wood vs White Trash for the tag team championship! The match went as expected with the two teams trying to get the upper hand and win. As the match came to an end, it looked like Tower and wood had the victory, but unseen by the ref, Cody Fairview’s leg was on the rope, which in the rules, stopped the count by the ref. The official did not see and counted Fairview’s shoulders down to 3, giving Tower and Wood the win, and championship. Garrison and White Trash argued with the ref to get him to reverse the decision but Anthony Marinelli, our commissioner came out to give the official word. Tower and Chad wood are our Tag team Champions. Garrison has already filed a complaint with our board in hopes of getting owner Bobby Popham involved and possibly getting the commissioner’s ruling overturned. Popham is now reviewing the tape and will make a final decision soon as to who will be the undisputed tag team champions. What do you think? Is David Garrison correct in his claim that White Trash was not defeated within the rules? Or is Anthony Marinelli correct in his judgment call, chalking it up to ” The Ref can’t see everything”. Leave your opinions in the comments below.


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  1. whitetrashmanager says:

    Is that what Popham and The OSWA big shots call it,EVERYONE say Cody Fairviews foot on the rope,WHITETRASH has been put down and held back for months at OSWA,We are getting sick and tired of this,Remember Johnny Walker?,Remember Chives?,yall are pushing the wrong people around.We are not taking this lightly and OSWA shouldn’t either

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