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The Commissioner’s Log: #256

The Commissioner’s Log: #256

I would like to thank everyone who came out on March 21st. As always, the OSWA fans followed through with their loyalty. Let’s just get down to it…I’m just as disappointed as you are about White Trash being reinstated…I didn’t know that Dollar General offered legal services. These guys must be endorsed by RealTree. If David Garrison and the garbage pail kids think they can just walk into the OSWA and run things, they’ve got another thing coming, like a shower and some breath mints.

Moving on, who in the heck let the Jolly Green Giant (aka Tower) into the OSWA? This behemoth of a man who wreaked havoc in the four corners of the ring has definitely made his presence known. But I will have to admit, I admire a guy who will come in and take care of business and not even care to ask questions later.

I have been in touch with Alpha McFly, and in due time, he will reveal himself to find out the burning question of “why?”. So until next time, I’ll leave you with this:

“Villains are mostly just people villainized by circumstance.”
-Chris Colfer


Commissioner Marinelli


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