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Reflections and an Invitation from the Announce Table

Now the the ringing in my ears from sitting next to Joe has finally subsided, I find myself reflecting on the upcoming OSHO on April 4.  We have seen some interesting developments preceding our big show, Heroes vs. Villains on May 2.


The tag team division is heating up.  The young guns, the Cousins of Destruction, Will Kaution and Jaxon Carter are carrying the weight of the title well.  They have felt the heat of having that target on their backs when they faced Completely Awesome and the team of Jamar Anderson and Keith Cage at the last show.  I was hoping to see them successfully defend their titles when two unknowns to the OSWA came into the ring.  


One man was over 7 feet tall.  This giant was so tall, he stepped over the top ropes when he entered the ring.  The word Tower was emblazended on the leg of his pants.  He was followed by another man.  Apparently they were bent on finding and taking out Zach Daniels. I do not know why they thought they could come to our house and kick in the front door, but I invite them to the next recap to explain their actions and to let us know who they are and their beef with our former Ultimate Champion.


Then there is the masked Muscovite Jonny Pinhead.  He has made quite the spalsh in his short time in the OSWA.  After defeating Zach Daniels, he won the Sole Survivor earning him a shot at the Ultimate Title at Heroes vs. Villains.  My brother would called it beginners luck.  Of course, as a normal course of action, I must disagree with my blowhard companion.  If anything, Jonny Pinhead has shown he is no beginner.  In his short time in the O, Jonny Pinhead not only guaranteed himself a title shot, but he has successfully gotten under the skin of our ultimate “chump-ion” Jake Hughes.  Jake seems somewhat intimidated by Johnny.  Evident in him attacking Pinhead during his match with Rod Paul Boldt II.  I do not know if it is because he is relatively unkown or if he has seen Johnny dominate in the ring, but regardless, or irregardless if you are into incorrect English, he has struck a chord with Jake Hughes.


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