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Power Rankings: April 2nd, 2015

Its the beginning of April, and here we are ranking the best OSWA has to offer. This week we say goodbye to The Dominion, who hasn’t been in action as a duo, Kit Bryson, who failed to make an impact in his 6 man tag, and Adrian Phillips, who was missing in action this past show.

The OSWA Power Rankings are determined by Championships held, win/loss record, and overall impact from the show.

1. Jake Hughes

Status: Ultimate Champion
Previous rank: 1 The question is: Who can stop Jake Hughes? The current Ultimate Champion is on a roll, defeating every single obstacle in his way. The championship isn’t going anywhere.  

2. Hollywood

Status: Corporate Champion
Previous Rank: 4 Win after win, Hollywood is also on somewhat of a winning streak, but the big question remains. Will anything triumph over money?

3.  Ken O’Sullivan

Status: Generations Champion
Previous Rank: 3 O’sullivan had a rough time in his six man tag last show, suffering an injury at the hands of Zee Williams.  However, the tough compact warrior continues to show true grit and take on all challengers.

4.Kaution + Carter

Status: OSWA Tag Team Champions
Previous Rank: 2 The tag team champions were immediately thrust into the deep tag team division, facing Zach Daniels, Chad Silva, Keith Cage, and Jamar Anderson. They came close to losing the titles, but the two mysterious wrestlers showed up and laid claim to dominace in the OSWA.

5. Rod Paul Boldt II

Previous Rank: NEW Rod Boldt defeated Jonny Pinhead in the opening match last show to regain momentum and bring himself back into the title hunt.

6. Jonny Pinhead

Status: Number One Contender for the Ultimate Championship
Previous Rank: 5 Jonny Pinhead’s small winning streak was cut short, due to Jake Hughes’s interference in his match, costing him the victory.

7. Completely Awesome

Previous Rank: 6 Daniels and Silva were on their way to winning the tag team championship, when outside interference cost them their opportunity to rise to the top of their division.

8.  Zee Williams

Previous Rank: NEW The monster may have lost his tag team partner, but he hasn’t lost his fierceness. He remains one of the top threats in the OSWA, and maybe, the world.

9. White Trash

Previous Rank: NEW With their new manager, David Garrison, at the helm, it will not be long before White Trash gets their shot at the tag team titles.

10. Cage + Anderson

Previous Rank: NEW The tag team division seems to be the place to be right now. Keith Cage and Jamar Anderson are ready to prove that size doesn’t matter and no one can match their desire to rise to the top.  

Don’t agree with our list?  Let us know what you think in the comments… to you then.


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