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Commissioners Log #231:

Commissioners Log #231:

First, I would like to thank you all for the amazing welcoming I received on Saturday, March 7th.
You OSWA fans are the best fans in North Georgia! Second, let me congratulate Will Kaution and Jaxson Carter
for using the Golden Ticket Win for a smart decision to claim the tag team belts. It’s called work smarter
not harder, folks. Anyway, let’s get to why I’m here. Mr. Popham brought me in to help clean up some
bad apples who think they are running the show. Let’s just say there’s a wind of change coming to the OSWA.
I’m no hero, but I will uphold my job and fight to have a respectful wrestling company. With that being said, we lost
a hero in Mystic Storm due to the cheating Jake Hughes for a match-to-belt to contract which I will address further down the road
on March 21st.
McFly! Mcfly!! Where is Mcfly?! Let me assure the OSWA that I’m doing everything in my power to
have our favorite time traveler return and seek his answers, justice, and plan old vengeance. We have all felt what
it’s like to be betrayed by a brother or friend. Just know that Jake Hughes’ actions will not go unanswered. So let me leave you
with this…..

A Hero
Is an ordinary individual who finds the
strength to persevere and endure in
spite of overwhelming obstacles.

-Christopher Reeve

OSWA: Commissioner Marinelli


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