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Power Rankings: March 17th, 2015

The OSWA Power Rankings are determined by Championships held, win/loss record, and overall impact from the show.

1. Jake Hughes

Status: Ultimate Champion
After defeating Zach Daniels (who stood in for his injured friend, former Ultimate Champion Chad Silva) for the Ultimate Championship Jake Hughes is truly one of the most hated men in the OSWA.  He turned his back on everyone from the fans to his best friend and tag team partner Alpha McFly.  What’s next for Jake?  According to him the sky’s the limit!

2. Will Kaution+Jaxon Carter

Status: OSWA Tag Team Champions
Wow! What a night? The last show started off with an unexpected “Golden Ticket” Battle Royal, where Jaxon Carter was able to outlast all the other participants to win the Golden Ticket, allowing him access to ANY title match at any time. Little did we know that he AND Will Kaution would take that opportunity IN THE SAME NIGHT to surprise a weakened Dominion and upset the (now) former champions.

3.  Ken O’Sullivan

Status: Generations Champion
Ken beat out Scorn for the Generations Title.  He has said anyone is welcome to TRY to take the belt but he is going to do everything in his power to keep the title around his waist!

4. Mr.  Hollywood

Status: Corporate Champion
During New Year’s Knockout 2015 it is discovered that Hardworking Hollywood bet on Jonny Pinhead to win the Sole Survivor match, in which Hollywood won all his money back.  It was hoped that with the bit of humbling he received this past summer that Hollywood would have turned his toxic behavior into that of helping others, but how quickly lessons are forgotten, this was not the case.  Apparently Mr. Hollywood has totally reverted back to his old ways.  We will have to stay turned to see what he does next….

5. Jonny Pinhead

Status:Number one contender for Ultimate Championship
Jonny won the sole survivor match in January to gain the chance to face (current)Ultimate Title holder, Jake Hughes, at Heroes vs Villains #3. He has remained undefeated since winning this chance. But the question the O fans are asking is: Who the heck is Jonny Pinhead?!?

Hopefully we will be able to find out who this mystery man is and why he is here!

6. Chad Silva

On his way to the ring to defend his Ultimate Championship against Jake Hughes, Silva was attacked by none other than The Dominion.  The vicious attack put Chad out of the ring for that match and the entire next show.  His friend Zach Daniels stepped up to defend his Championship against Jake but to no avail.  Chad came back after he was cleared with revenge on his mind.  Chad and Zach have now come together to form the new tag team Completely Awesome and have won their first match.  Hopefully we will be seeing more of these two together in the future!

7. Zach Daniels

Zach showed what a stand-up guy he was and what his friends mean to him when he stepped up for the freshly injured Chad Silva to defend Chad’s Ultimate Title against Jake Hughes.  Although Zach did not come out on the winning end of that match, his buddy Chad Silva couldn’t have been more grateful.  The two have formed the newest OSWA tag team Completely Awesome.  These two are going places, where they stop no one knows.

8.  Kit Bryson

Rod Paul Boldt’s protégé has shown he means business when it comes to his time here at the OSWA.   Kit has faced some really big names and has won the majority of his matches (everyone is going to lose at least once or twice, right?)  Kit has made it known he will do whatever it takes to win…. Is there a limit to that?

9. Adrian Phillips

After Jake Hughes helped Mcfly out of the OSWA, the question remained: Who will step up and face this unstoppable force? Adrian Phillips certainly used this opportunity to interrupt Mr. Hughes as he was addressing the O fans after his victory. He wanted to prove to the fans, Mr. Hughes, and even himself that he was capable of being a top contender. But did he? According to Jake Hughes, and I quote: “Of course not!” Easy to say when you cheat to beat Adrain in his only title shot.

10.  The Dominion

After being so dominant for months, the Dominion seems to be on a streak of bad luck. Vengeance was injured during a title match with Jaxon Carter and Will Kaution causing him to miss a couple of shows, leaving Zee Williams to defend the belts on his own. Even their ally, Sir Facade, wasn’t enough to bring balance to their streak, resulting in Will and Jaxon taking their titles. Will the Dominion bounce back? Time will tell.

Don’t agree with our list?  Let us know what you think in the comments… to you then.


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