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The Voice Speaks….On New Years Knock Out 2015!

jake chad NYKO post

Ladies & Gentlemen of the O-Nation, we are about to begin the journey to OSWA’s biggest event of the year: Heroes vs. Villains III. But it all begins at New Years Knock Out 2015 with some huge matches including the most difficult match in OSWA,  The Sole Survivor Match. Let’s take a look at some of the match-ups at this years event.

For the first time ever, we have the “White Knight” Sir Facade taking on Goth Black. This is the first time that these two will be competing in the ring against each other. This a clear clash of two different styles of fighting. Goth Black, with his mixed martial arts background and power style of wrestling, versus the more calculated and technical and submission style of Sir Facade. We have seen both of these men tear through most of their opponents inside the ring in their own unique ways but who will prevail when they finally face one another at NYKO?

The Voice says: My prediction is that Goth Black may just be too much for the White Knight to handle. But we all know that Sir Facade always has a plan, so we’ll see what happens at NYKO.

NYKO will also feature two championship matches, including a three way dance for the OSWA Corporate Championship with defending champion “The Highlander” Johnny Walker taking on Rod Paul Boldt II and Hard Working Hollywood. Now in recent weeks, both Hollywood and Boldt have earned their rightful shots for the Corporate Title but it wasn’t until the 1/17/15 edition of the O-Show that we saw the number one contenders match for the Corporate title take place. When the match ended in a draw and both men were declared to be the victors, The Highlander (who was ringside for the match) said that he is a fighting champion and would take on both men. Now after Boldt had stolen Walker’s kilt and blatantly wore it to the ring right in front of the Corporate Champion, you know he’ll be wanting to desperately get his hands on Boldt. But will that open the door for Hollywood to take advantage? However, Hollywood also has some serious issues with Rod Boldt after he hit him with a roll of pennies late last year during a match, not to mention hitting him with a milkshake as he was working on the side of the road digging ditches. So Hollywood wants to get his hands on Rod just as badly. Will the champion take advantage of this? I don’t know but what I do know is that I would hate to be Rod Boldt going into this match. Especially with two guys that fuming.
The Voice says: My prediction here is that the reigning champion finds a way to out dance both Hollywood and Boldt. Not only does he get his Kilt back but also successfully defends his Corporate Championship.

Of course NYKO would not be complete with out the OSWA exclusive Soul Survivor Match. It is a true test of endurance of any wrestler in this business today. It is also a major stepping stone for anyone that is able to win this marathon of the match.  Now considering this year’s field, the two early favorites have to clearly be The Dominion (Vengeance and “The Monster” Zee Williams). Since reclaiming the Tag Team Championships from the Tag Team Specialists at the 1/17/15 O-Show, momentum is physically and mentally in their favor. However, there will be a lot of competitors in the ring trying to take them out, including the likes of the cousins Will Kaution and Jaxon Carter. There are also competitors of all sizes and skills competing in this match including new comers Kit Bryson, Adrian Phillips, and “The Arch Angel” Lane Cross. There is also a lot of veteran experience in this match. Curtis Coleman is a definite mainstay of the OSWA roster that will bring experience. Then there are the wild cards. The first being the newest member of the OSWA roster Johnny Pinhead. We saw him compete for the first time at the 1/17/15 O-Show when he defeated Zach Daniels for the final Sole Survivor spot. No one knows what kind of competitor he is or what he is capable of doing inside this match. The other being the mystery competitor who for months we have seen strange videos and messages throughout the O-Shows say he is going to be making a comeback at NYKO and will be competing in the Sole Survivor Match. With so much unpredictability in this match, including the format of the match, which we know will start with as a random draw 10 man tag match, from there anything can happen as we eliminate competitors down to the last one. The Sole Survivor! That man will earn a spot in the main event match at Heroes vs. Villains III for a shot at the OSWA Ultimate Championship.
The Voice says: This one is a crap shoot to predict but I will go with the experience here and choose Curtis Coleman to win it all. I could very easily be wrong but that’s the beauty of this match you don’t know who’s going to win.

Finally, the second of the two championship matches will be one for the ages. The OSWA’s richest prize the Ultimate Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs as defending champion “The Attraction” Chad Silva takes on the Heartbeat of the OSWA Jake Hughes. Normally, this would be a very even match on paper. However after the events of the past couple of months with Jake Hughes and the Dominion, Jake is left well below 100% for this big match. At the 1/17/15 O-Show, Jake was pretty much in a handicap match trying to defend the Tag Team Championships by himself after finding out that his tag team partner, Alpha McFly, had been in a hospital in severe condition. McFly was dealing with concussion like symptoms and a severe tear in his ligaments in both is left knee and on his left leg, along with several muscle contusions (Bruised Muscles). He ended up checking himself out of the hospital and made it to the ring near the end of the match, only to get beaten by the Dominion and lose the Tag Team Championships. After the match both of the Tag Team Specialists would deal with more ambush tactics from the Dominion and had it not been for the Intervention of the Ultimate Champion Silva and Zach Daniels, they would be able to escape with out suffering anymore career threatening injuries. You would think that after this that Silva would firmly be in the drivers seat alas he isn’t because of the his match with Ken O’Sullivan. A very competitive match between the both of them however everyone knows of the long time problems that Silva has had with his knees dating well back into last year. Sullivan did quite a bit of damage to them. So now with only a week till their championship match there seem to be more questions than answers for both of these men. Will the champion be able to compete even with a potentially bad knee? What is the physical (and for that matter mental) state of Jake Hughes after losing the Tag Team Championships? Whose willing to lay everything out on the line to be declared The OSWA’s Ultimate Champion?

The Voice says: This is one match that I don’t know who to pick that will win. All I know is if the match happens it will be one of the most memorable championship matches in OSWA’s history.

So all of this and more will go down January 31st bell time 7:00 doors open at 6:00. It will be a wild night of action and thus we begin the Journey to Heroes vs. Villains III. See you all there!!

Michael Vance Gentry (@MichaelVGentry on twitter)

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