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The Voice Speaks….On The Tag Team Specialists 1/13/15


Hello O-Nation! Michael Gentry your voice of the O with you again to bring you the latest news from the OSWA. It has been almost a month since we last saw the new OSWA Tag Team Champions, Jake Hughes and Alpha McFly. After one of the more brutal No Disqualification matches I’ve seen in recent memory, and the beating that they took from the former champions The Dominion after the match, they have both been MIA (Missing in Action). The last known reports on there whereabouts have said that McFly has returned back to the year 2069 for some extreme medical treatments to try and heal his body back to 100% and will be out of action indefinitely. Meanwhile, Jake Hughes was taken to a local medical facility in order to recover. Hughes had stayed at the facility over night and left early Sunday morning, 12/21, and has not been heard from since. OSWA officials have tried to contact Hughes and McFly but to no avail. Now with just a few short days till the next O-Show on 1/17, they must contact the OSWA board of directors or owner Mr. Bobby Popham to let them know of their current status. If they don’t, then it is possible that they would have to vacate the OSWA Tag Team Championships by ruling of the 30-day championship defence clause. which states “If a champion does not defend his championship at least once in a 30 day period, he or she may be stripped of the championship unless A) A Championship Match has all ready been prearranged and a contract has been signed. or B) The Board of Directors, The Acting Commissioner of the OSWA or The Current Owner of the OSWA deem it permissible to grant an extension of time in which to arrange a championship match to take place, at which time if the champion(s) are still unable to defend the title he or she will then be forced to forfeit the championship(s).” So hopefully we will hear from the Tag Team Specialists real soon. Especially Jake Hughes, as he not only must help defend the Tag Team Championships but also has an Ultimate Championship match at New Year’s Knock Out. We will keep you posted with all of the latest information as it becomes available.
Until then I hope to see you this Saturday and the O-Rena as we make our last stop on the road to New Year’s Knock Out. Bell Time is 7pm, you do not want to miss this one!

Michael Gentry

About Michael Gentry

Ring Announcer, Referee, Manager extraordinaire. The Current Voice Of the Old School Wrestling Alliance. Has worked with many different companies all around the South East US and appeared on International Television.
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