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The Voice Speaks On…..The Current State of the OSWA


As I write this article I realize that my job could very well be in jeopardy but I’m willing to speak where some won’t. Since the announcement of Zach Daniels as the Commissioner of the OSWA the world as we have known it has been turned upside down on its head. We have had one champion stripped of a championship unfairly might I add. One champion stabs his own brother in the back to win the title and another sell the championship to a pawn shop. Then there is the general absolute dislike by the O-Nation against Zach. Since he has stepped into office, he has been only really looking out for what he wants out of the company that will either put money in his pocket or will make him more famous (or in this particular case infamous).  That is not what is really best not only for the company but what is best for the fans that spend their hard earned money to come see our show.

It really ticks me off too that even after trying to speak on the subjects I’ve never really gotten an explanation as to why Daniels was even chosen for the job in the first place. It surly couldn’t have been for his experience. I have been a former General Manager and Commissioner for a couple other promotions around the South East in my time in the business. I know what is expected of me I know what the task a hand is and I know what the fans really would like to see.  Besides I don’t know why I wouldn’t be given another chance as commissioner. I will be the first to admit I made a couple of mistakes during my tenure but I did a lot of good as well. I brought the fans great and compelling shows week after week. I stayed connected with everyone involved with production to make sure that the shows ran as smoothly as possible. I kept the people informed of why I had done some of the things I had done. I also continued on as ring announcer and master of ceremonies for the O-Shows when I could have easily had someone else do it. That’s not how I am; I’m a hand on type of guy when things need to get done.  Finally I also help to put on our biggest show to date HEROES VS VILLIANS II when we had a crowd of 300+ and put on the biggest and best show in this companies history. Now just because I mishandled one situation with one person I get kicked out of a job as no offence to Clint Eller or Frog Finlay as the best Commissioner that OSWA has ever had.

I don’t know if I will ever get the truth out of anyone about the real reason why I was replaced but being the bigger person in this ordeal I will continue to do what I can in my limited state to make sure our fans have the best experiences possible at every show, in hopes that one day I can represent this company again as your commissioner or maybe more and finally try and set things back the way they should be. I greatly appreciate the continued support that I get from some of the staff and wrestlers plus all of you great fans of the OSWA, thank you so much and please continue to believe in the O! (Even if Zach Daniels is in charge)

The Voice Of The OSWA

Michael Vance Gentry

@MichaelVGentry on twitter.

Michael Gentry

About Michael Gentry

Ring Announcer, Referee, Manager extraordinaire. The Current Voice Of the Old School Wrestling Alliance. Has worked with many different companies all around the South East US and appeared on International Television.
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